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Puppy Contract

              SELLER STIPULATIONS: Buyer assumes all responsibility for pup from time of delivery / pickup.  Seller grants Buyer 48 hours for time of delivery / pickup on  (month)                 (day)           (year)                  (time)                 to take pup to a veterinarian of  your choice for health exam at buyer's expenses and to notify seller if vet finds pup to be defective with a fatal condition. If so seller will refund the purchase price of Pup and get pup back from buyer after receiving a written statement from the vet within the 48 hour grace period stating the fatal condition. We do not refund vet fees, so  this first exam and all future exam and medical care are the sole responsibility of the buyer for pups entire life. Pup must be isolated from other pets during the 48 hour grace period. Seller is not responsible for mishandling of pups or accidental injury or death and will give no refunds on these grounds.

              TEMPERAMENT: since every pup is unique I can't predict how this pup will adapt to it's new environment therefore I do not Guarantee personality, temperament, or behavior. If any of these terms are not followed contact is null and void. 

Pups are sold as pets only. No registration papers are provided.

By signing this contract I herby agree and accept the terms and conditions stated and fully understand their meaning.





Pick of the Litter

If you have 1st pick you get 1 week after birth to pick puppy of choice. If you have 2nd pick, you get 1 weeks after 1st pick chooses puppy of choice, and so on. If you don't pick in the allotted time, then you forfeit your choice. 



We have Open visits every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm 

To meet the parents or to visit your new puppy as it grows

If Saturday doesn't work we can make arrangements for a personal visit 




Puppy Kit

Each one of my puppies comes with everything you will need to start their new life with you,  bed,  nylabone,  toy,  high calorie nutritional gel,  potty pads, Purina puppy chow complete food and Purina puppy chow wet food.

A carrier that they can grow into, air plane approved. Puppy guide for easy ways to train you puppy.  Pictures of mom and dad. Training treats,  wormer, flee comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, GI Synbiotics, and more.

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